ver. 9.2

last update; Dec. 15. 2017

API in ATTED-II (version 2)

In the current ATTED-II, we do not provide the COR index to promote a use of the MR index, which shows substantially better performance as a measure of functional similarity between a gene pair.

Retrieve coexpression data

Request of gene) [& other parameters]
Parameter name Description Required? Note
gene ID of target gene Required
type Coexpression measure Optional Allowed values: cor, mr
cutoff Cutoff value Optional If you specify "cutoff" value, you also need to specify "type" value.
db Database identifier Optional Allowed values: ath, ath2, cre, gma, mtr, osa, ppo, vvi, zma,


The api2.cgi returns search result as JSON-formatted text like below:

  "request": {                       # Request information
    "original_gene_id": "At2g39730", # ID of gene specified by the "id" parameter in the URL
    "entrez_gene_id": "818558",      # (internally, the system converts the specified ID to entrez gene ID,
                                     #  and the conversion result is shown here)
    "database": "Ath",               # database identifier (species)
    "database_version": "v12-08",    # database identifier (version)
    "type": null,                    # filter type (if not specified, "null" is returned)
    "cutoff": null                   # cutoff value (if not specified, "null" is returned)
  "results": [                       # Coexpression data
      "gene": "840895", 
      "correlation": 0.8554, 
      "mutual_rank": 3.0
      "gene": "825797", 
      "correlation": 0.8466, 
      "mutual_rank": 4.9

If an error happened while processing your request, api2.cgi returns JSON that includes only "error" section like below:

  "error": "No gene ID specified." 


Retrieves coexpression list of ALDH2 (entrez gene ID: 818558). (Both two requests returns the same result.) Retrieves coexpression list that includes only correlation values (mutal rank values). Retrieves coexpression list filtered by correlation value (mutal rank value). Retrives strongly coexpressed genes with At2g39730 from the database Ath.v12-08 and Ath.v13-08.

API in ATTED-II (version 1)

Retreive coexpression data

basic usage (AGI code) / (coexpression measure; cor or mr) / (cutoff value)

Omit "cutoff" option to return all coexpression from the guide gene (AGI code) / (coexpression measure; cor or mr)

Omit "cutoff" and "type" optionsAlso "type" option can be omitted toreturn all MR and PCC coexpression data from the guide gene. (AGI code)


URI Output {[At3g59220,19.18],[At1g62300,19.39]} {[At3g59220,19.18,],[At1g62300,19.39,],...}