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Experimental description of GeneChip data for the coexpressed gene table (ver. c3.0)

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Sample backgroundNumber of slidesSample description
TAIR-ME00319237AtGenExpress: Expression Atlas of Arabidopsis Development
TAIR-ME003466AtGenExpress: Expression profiling of early germinating seeds
TAIR-ME0034112AtGenExpress: Response to Botrytis cinerea infection
TAIR-ME0035332AtGenExpress: Pseudomonas half leaf injection
TAIR-ME0033148AtGenExpress: Response to virulent, avirulent, typeIII-secretion system deficient and nonhost bacteria
TAIR-ME0033242AtGenExpress: Response to bacterial-(LPS, HrpZ, Flg22) and oomycete-(NPP1) derived elicitors
TAIR-ME0034218AtGenExpress: Response to Phytophthora infestans
TAIR-ME0035448AtGenExpress: Response to Erysiphe orontii infection
TAIR-ME00325shoot26AtGenExpress: Cold stress time course
TAIR-ME00338shoot30AtGenExpress: Drought stress time course
TAIR-ME00326shoot26AtGenExpress: Genotoxic stress time course
TAIR-ME00339shoot34AtGenExpress: Heat stress time course
cell suspention culture26
TAIR-ME00327shoot26AtGenExpress: Osmotic stress time course
TAIR-ME00340shoot26AtGenExpress: Oxidative stress time course
TAIR-ME00328shoot26AtGenExpress: Salt stress time course
TAIR-ME00329shoot30AtGenExpress: UV-B stress time course
TAIR-ME00330shoot30AtGenExpress: Wounding stress time course
TAIR-ME0034548AtGenExpress: Light treatments
TAIR-ME003484AtGenExpress: Different temperature treatment of seeds
TAIR-ME0034722AtGenExpress: Response to sulfate limitation
TAIR-ME0033412AtGenExpress: ACC time course in wildtype seedlings
TAIR-ME0034412AtGenExpress: Zeatin time course in wildtype seedlings
TAIR-ME0033712AtGenExpress: Methyl Jasmonate time course in wildtype seedlings
TAIR-ME0033612AtGenExpress: IAA time course in wildtype seedlings
TAIR-ME0033312AtGenExpress: ABA time course in wildtype seedlings
TAIR-ME00343wild type12AtGenExpress: GA3 time course in wildtype and ga1-5 mutant seedlings
TAIR-ME00335wild type12AtGenExpress: Brassinolide time course in wildtype and det2-1 mutant seedlings
TAIR-ME0035226AtGenExpress: Effect of Brassinosteroids on seedlings
TAIR-ME0035612AtGenExpress: Cytokinin treatment of seedlings
TAIR-ME003518AtGenExpress: Effect of ABA during seed imbibition
TAIR-ME0035012AtGenExpress: Basic hormone treatment of seeds
TAIR-ME0035720AtGenExpress: Effect of gibberellic acid inhibitors on seedlings
TAIR-ME0035810AtGenExpress: Effect of auxin inhibitors on seedlings
TAIR-ME0035918AtGenExpress: Effect of brassinosteroid inhibitors on seedlings
TAIR-ME003606AtGenExpress: Effect of ethylene inhibitors on seedlings
TAIR-ME003614AtGenExpress: Effect of cycloheximide on seedlings
TAIR-ME003624AtGenExpress: Effect of proteasome inhibitor MG13 on seedlings
TAIR-ME0036312AtGenExpress: Effect of photosystem inhibitor PNO8 on seedlings
TAIR-ME003648AtGenExpress: Effect of ibuprofen, salicylic acid and daminozide on seedlings
TAIR-ME0036510AtGenExpress: Genome-wide cell cycle studies
TAIR-ME003674AtGenExpress: Growth of suspension-cultured cells
TAIR-ME00366x7AtGenExpress: Cell cycle re-entry in suspension-cultured cells
TAIR-ME003498AtGenExpress: Comparison of plant hormone-related mutants
TAIR-ME003556AtGenExpress: ARR21C overexpression
TAIR-ME0037430AtGenExpress: Ecotypes
TAIR-ME0037524AtGenExpress: Ecotypes Singletons

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