last update; Jun. 25. 2019

Tutorial 1:
Functional estimation of a gene, At5g52360 (putative actin-depolymerizing factor).

Locus search

Search At5g52360 using search box next to the title logo.

Search result

The resulting page shows gene list corresponding to the query. The gene list has 4 columns:

Now click the link for the coexpressed gene list for this gene.

Coexpressed gene list

This page provides list of coexpressed genes with 7 columns as follows:

At5g52360 expresses with

  • Rank 1; Actin 12
  • Rank 4; Actin depolymerizing factor 7
  • Rank 5; Actin 4
  • Rank 9; Profilin 5
These coexpressed genes suggest the putative function of this gene (At5g52360), actin-depolymerizing factor.

Locus page

Gene expression patterns are provided in the locus page. Sample name is written in pdf. According to developmental samples, This gene strongly expresses stamen and pollen.

The information present a hypothetical model that At5g52360 functions with actin and profilin as cytoskeleton system to mechanically promote stamen maturation.