last update; Jun. 25. 2019

Tutorial 2:
Searching wounding-related groups of genes.

Keyword search

Search "wounding" using search box next to the title logo.

Search result

As a result, one Gene Ontology (GO) term "response to wounding" is found.

Click the network link to show coexpressed gene network for the genes with this GO annotation (GO:0009611).

Coexpressed gene network for the genes annotated by "response to wounding"

In the page for "response to wounding", coexpressed gene network of representative genes is provided.

These are large 3 groups in addition to 6 small groups in this network. Especially two of which has distinctive functions to response wounding.

Search coexpressed genes from multiple queries

To search other genes that function with these groups of genes, check and submit the genes to search, for example the group of genes for jasmonate biosynthesis above (AOS, OPR3, OPCL1, LOX3, AOC3, lipoxgenase). Note that query genes of this search should be coexpressed.
(ref; how to calculate co-expressed gene from multi-gene query)

Search result of co-expression genes

Search result is a list of the most strongly correlated 300 genes from input genes. Functional putative or unknown genes in addition to many genes known to function for jasmonate biosynthesis are found.